Automated Meter Reads and Supply Fulfillment

Image 2000 has partnered with a software product called FMAudit. This premier software package offers industry leading standards and technologies in the area of automatic meter reads and automated supply fulfillment. The software is light and non-intrusive and can be installed on any windows computer or server. Once installed this firendly little package will reach out across your network in a quick, safe, and secure manner to automatically gather meter reads, current supply levels, and find out if there are any service issues on any network printing device. The software runs silently in the background and synchs collected data (only meter reads, supply levels, and service issues) automatically into our in-house customer management system. After this synch is complete we have fully updated meters, knowledge of approximately how much toner you have in your printing equipment, and any service problems that we may need to take care of in the immediate future. By collecting this data on a daily and automatic basis we have the ability to maintain supplies, service, and billing in a proactive manner to ensure customers have the most uptime and maintain as much productivity as possible with their MFP equipment. 
With FMAudit running there is no more manually gathering meter reads or ordering supplies after the equipment has run out! Image 2000 offers this service free to all of our customers as an added benefit and thank you for being with us.

Help Image 2000 increase your productivity by recovering your very important lost time. 

  • It’s FREE;
  • It’s Automated;
  • It’s Secure;
  • It's Non-Invasive;
  • It’s Intuitive;
  • It helps take back your valuable time by no longer having to manually collect equipment meters and order supplies. 

For more information or to setup an appointment at your earliest convenience to have the program installed, give us a call at (818) 781 2200 ext 231 or email us here.

To go directly to our FMAudit website please click the following link:

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